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You know that sometimes a really good measure for whether you know something or not is trying to explain it to somebody else. Therefore, I thought that I will create a category on this blog which will be entitled Revision where I can write short summaries of what I need to know for my final exams. 

Good, decided. 



Autonomy and independence



As I mentioned in my previouspost I spent the last couple of days in England to attend a university interview. I went there on my own and I sorted everything out myself. I found my way around, I bought all the tickets I needed to buy and so on. Originally I should have stayed in a hotel on my own as well but the hotel would not allow me to stay on my own since I am not yet eighteen years of age. Instead I stayed with some old students of my mum’s living nearby the uni. They were niced and helped me find my way and all that but I think I would have managed that on my own as well. 

This trip and the visit to the university made me think a lot about autonomy and independec – two things that I value very highly. I do not understand how people do not want independence and a sense of taking care of yourself, sorting things out for yourself but when looking at my friends and many of the others attending the interview I see it not to be the case. I have so many friends that would never be able to go on their own to another country and who can’t cook or clean even the slightest. At the interview there where also so many people accompanied by their parents. The ones travelling there on their own where in a definite minority. 

I honestly would not have wanted my parents to be there since I want to be able to establish myself and do things without my parents being present. I do plenty of things on my own and I always have. I think for myself and I organise myself etc. I need this autonomy to be able to function and the feeling I get when independence is upon me and things actually go well is a wonderful feeling. 
I am almost annoyed at having returned home again since it means that other people are around. 

Another thing that I do which my friends simply do not understand is eating alone. I find it utterly satisfying and relaxing to sit alone at a table in the cafeteria with a book or something else to read rather than sitting amongst a group of talking, laughing people that nothing else than laugh and talk during the entire day. If I eat alone and then tell my friends that I did so I get some sort of compassion from them. They pity me for having to eat alone not realising that is what I really want to do. 
I even have friends who can’t comfortably walk from one end of the school to the other without company. I myself dream of having one day of school where there will be only me and the techers present through out the day. 


I inserted a little photgraph that I took of one of the university buildings just to make this post more aesthetically appealing. 

I urge you to read


Booklover, bibliophile, reading enthusiast. Me. True. 
Ever since I learnt how to read at age five I have had at least two books going at the same time. I have read copious amounts. 
As a child I read children’s stories, I read all the Jaqueline Wilson books and Harry Potter. I read Narnia, I read all the books in the Tomorrow When the War Began-series by John Marsden, I read the silly books for teenage girls where the biggest problems they ever had was boys and a pimple, occassionally some magic was involved as well. I read all four Twilight books. I read, and I read, and I read. 
Lately I have been reading more classics in both Swedish and English as well as plays by Checkov and Strindberg and Shakespeare. I have read about war in All Quiet on the Western Front and about murder in Crime and Punishment. In short: I have read about life and it has taught me a lot. 
I think that reading has in many ways ‘widened my perspectives’, how kliché that might ever sound. And in the widening of perspectives I would like to add the typical teenage novels as well. 
From reading a lot I have practiced my reading skills on a daily basis and improved a lot in language. 
I love reading and I think it is really important. 
I urge you to read to your children because an ability, and an interest, for reading is important!

Philosophy of Art

Philosophy of art. It is such an interesting and intriguing subject and branch of philosophy. I have always though art to of importance to society and the individual but when asked why I have always found it difficult to give a good answer. I think with the help of philosophy and philosophers I have been showed arguments for it and against it.

For example we this autumn studied Nietzsche (yes, it took me a while to spell his name correctly) and his view of the arts. Nietzsche was in great favour of the arts. He thought that the world in which we live is a terrible place and that we will inevitably be struck by tragedy. He thought it the role of art to help us deal with the tragedies that happen to us. Nietzsche didn’t express it like this himself but I like the idea of art as some sort of therapy.
Nietzsche’s favourite and best when it came to art was the Ancient Greek tragedies. He considered then the perfect art form. He thought it to be an excellent balance of what he called the Dionysian and the Appollonian forces. The Dionysian represents the chaos in life, the unordered, uncontrollable and terrifying chaos. The Appollonian represents the good, ordered, neat and nice. In the Greek tragedies these two are in balance. The Dionysian is present in the chaotic and tragic tragedies but the Appollonian is there in that there is some kind of order to it and what happens is recognisable etc.
What art also does is that it frames the horror. It orderers the horror which helps us deal with it. The art piece is limited in its space.
I really like this Nietzsharian view of art.



On Feminism I

Hello fellow readers! 

Today I would like to talk about something which I spend quite a lot of time thinking about – feminism. 

I feel a little two-sided about this topic and if you would return here as a frequent reader I beleive that there might be, most probably will be, more mentions of it. 

I think feminism is important, even extremely important. Feminism in its original meaning – the equal rights of men and women. That women should have the vote, be able to express themselves, be able to get payed the same for the same employement, and an avoidance of making the female into an object (sexual or object anyhow). However, I think it many times might go a little too far. I think a lot of the important focus of feminism has been moved to less important issues, who might still be issues but, I think they deley the process. 

In Sweden at the moment it is very ‘in’ to be a feminist, to categorise yourself as a feminist. At least in the groups where I move around. The blogs I read, the people at my school, and aquaintances on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. They are all very active. They speak loudly for the feministic force. I think there are many things that they miss out on. 

Firstly, before you even start propagating anything, isn’t it wise to consider what underlies that which you try to achieve? If you fight for equality, then consider what equality actually is. Equality might not be the very same as justice – the two might not even be compatible. Equality might not be getting the same thing in the same amount all the time. Have the people that I see/read everyday ever thought about these things – thought one step “longer” than just blindly accepting the premises? Sometimes I really doubt it. 


Many of the girls, yes for most of them are girls, say that feminism has given them self-confidence. That through feminism they have realised that they too can do things. Whatever they want. Say play the electric guitar even if being a girl or say not having to be “the good girl” at all times. That you should be accepted whatever you look like, that you are not ugly but gorgeous. That the things you say are good things and that you should not care too much about what others think. 
I think that these issues are perfectly solvable without feminism. I think that what they are more than anything else is the result of bad confidence and insecurities. I managed to get over my own very well without feminism. Is it not more important to realise that you can actually think for yourself? I think it has a lot to do with how your parents have raised you and encouraged you. I do not think it right to blame society for every wrong there is. The individual also has a responsibility. Image

What many of the feminists also try to encounter is the fight for gender neutral-ness and especially a gender neutral pronoun. The Swedish pronouns “hon” (meaning she) and “han” (meaning he) have been combined into “hen” which is supposed to be gender neutral. Here, there are also assumptions being made. Firstly the assumption that men and women are actually precicely the same on a genetical/mental level. It seems very likely for it to be the case I have to say but still I think that the possibilty of it not being the case is still present. I think that this problem at least has to be taken in consideration. 
Secondly, I wonder whether a gender neutral pronoun will actual

ly work. It might just be my own doubt and all I have to do is be convinced of it. 
I have written an essay in philosophy about this gender neutral pronoun and I might upload and publish some sort of summary of my main points and arguments here on this blog some time in the future. 

What I also consider to be a problem with feminism is the loudness of it. The attidute of “yes of course we are right” and the slight air of “we hate men”. They put themselves in a tricky situation. They claim not to hate men but as soon as a man tries to argue against them they say it is impossible for that man to understand simply because he is a man. The focus is constantly just focused on women where I would say that with for example gender expectations and such the pressure on the man is equally tough. 

I have throughout this post refered to feminists as “them” and similar but that is not to say that I do not see myself as a feminist. It rather means that I do not see myself as the general view of what a feminist is. There are too many things I disagree with. For the same reason I call myself a “vegetarian who eats fish” rather than a pescitarian because people don’t know what it is. If I present myseld as a feminist people will think things about me that are not true. 


In short all I wanted to share was some of my thoughts about feminism as I encounter it today in Sweden. There will be more of this since I really enjoy writing about it and find it important and interesting. There are still more things that I want to bring up.
If you feel you want to question any of my arguements or if you agree please tell me in the comments. 



Why and what

So, I am one of those bloggers now, am I? Or I suppose that I am if I choose to define me as one. We’ll see about that.

Why did I start a blog?

Because I like writing and think that most other blogs by people my age are boring and deal with uninteresting things,

What will my blog be about?

Most probably about a lot about things that annoy me but I suppose I could put something interesting and fun in here every now and then.

Why am I writing in English if I am a native Swede?

Well, sometimes I just think that English is a more useful language. Also, I do a lot of my serious thinking in English. English is a language known by more people than Swedish.

What is m view upon philosophy?

I consider it one of the most important things ever.