Month: April, 2014

Heading for finals with an odd motivation

On Monday 5/5 my exams start. The finalest of the finals and the ones that really count. I try not be too nervous. I don’t see the point in being too nervous. No matter how nervous and worried I am I will have to sit through the exams so then worrying has no point. Also, being too worried makes it harder to concentrate and thereby harder to revise. And revision is after all necessary to do. 
Strangely enough, what motivates me is not primarily the thought of getting good grades and being accepted to the university where I want to go. Sure, it is somewhere in there, but it is not what I think about. 
What I think about as being the best thing with being done with exams and having done them good is that I can play The Sims again!
Gosh, how long I have waited for this!
My computer got stolen in 2012 and since then – not a single minute of The Sims has been in my life. And now my step dad has promised that as soon as finals are over I can get it again. 
I feel ready for it. I feel how Sims will be my new obsession between my last exam and when I actually graduate. A month of reward Sims-time. 
The last couple weeks I have really been in The Sims state of mind. I have thought of what characters to make, what houses to build, the intrigues, the styles the clothes. Every time I walk by a nice house in my neghbourhood I think: “Oh, I want to build that in Sims”. 

In addition to all this fun stuff what I will get is The Sims 3 which will open a whole new world for me. As a previous gal of The Sims 1 – I had all the expansion packs – and The Sims 2 – although my mum’s computer was too old to handle the graphics so all the walls where red and constantly blinking – I will now be able to completely explore a new world of Sims. 
Please let finals be over sooooooooon!


Teenage Stupidity

I just came across this clip from a Swedish morning TV show where a psychologist sits and explains that teenagers are reckless and stupid because their frontal lobes are not fully developed yet. I cannot help but feel a bit of doubt in that statement. Apparently, when the frontal lobes have grown together one is supposed to be able to think much clearer and deal with emotion easier. The philosopher within me comes out – the critical thinker within me comes out.

Apparently, this particular part of the brain is supposed to make it possible for people to think ahead, think one step further and control emotions. Well, this sounds odd since this is what I do, even if I happen to be “only” 17 and probably do not have fully developed frontal lobes. I always think one step ahead, I believe that I can – at least to some extent -control my own feelings, I have analytical skills and I grasp ideas and concepts rather quickly. All of these skills might have developed slightly during my IB years, but I think that is due to my education and not due to my brain growing together and developing – or maybe I have a brain injury?

What has always made me feel different from so many other teenagers is precisely the fact that I think of the consequences and believe myself capable of being able to think this is not the end of the world if something happens with any of my relationships – that I, because of being a teenager, should not be able to do such things I think is undermining me as a person. 

It is supposed to make one able to control my emotions, my strong teenagerly emotions, better when I, for example, fall in love. Now, I have never really been truly in love and I think that is because I am able to control my emotions. If I had decided to fall in love with this guy who is nice or hot or anything, I could have and I could have let myself be completely and utterly crazy about this boy. I have stopped myself. Even when there has been the case of very strong physical attraction and personal bonding. I could have allowed myself to be soo teenagerly in love that you cannot believe it!

This morning show psychologist tried to blame all the stupid things that teenagers do on their brain development. I do not buy into this at all. I think it rather to be a result from parenting or the expectations put on teenagers by society. Teenagers should act stupidly and fool around drunk and in love and short sighted so therefore they do. How many times have I not met my dad’s friends and they have asked me 1. How it is with me and my boys, and 2. If I drink or run around with my friends at midnight at parties. I answer that I do neither but can feel in their eyes how they don’t believe me. The reasons for why people think in a certain way when they are young could just as well be explained by lack of experience. Maybe my decisions are not as good for me as my parents because I have not yet “learned from my mistakes”?

I think that one can also ask oneself if it in the study the psychologist referred to rather showed how the brain’s development is affected by behaviour and not the other way around. Does this seem like a plausible idea?

Maybe you who read this think that I am just an inexperienced, young girl who never have been in love and felt the strong feelings or that this response shows my “undeveloped brain” but I am prepared to challenge that view. With me I take the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre and his concept of mauvais foi (bad faith). I think that this brain study stinks of mauvais foi

What is your opinion on this? Please comment below if you have anything to add


Ps. It also does not explain how teenagers in the past and in other cultures than the Western one might not behave as stupidly as the “normal teenager” of today. 

The Euphemisms of Biology Books – A Rather Childish Post

Yesterday I was sitting in my room with my cup of tea, my pencil case, and biology book doing some revision, as is appropriate when exams are coming closer by the day. I decided to focus on the digestive system. I read about how food enters through the mouth and how the digestion of proteins begin in the stomach where the enzyme pepsin helps to catalyze the reaction. I read about how the molecules are absorbed by the villi in the small intestine. As I followed the foods trip through the internals, I stumbled upon the following sentence:
“Water is absorbed here [in the large intestine] leaving solid feces, which are eventually egested through the anus”.
The sentence made me stop and I thought “Wow, there’s a lot of euphemisms going on here”. It all seemed a little absurd. I mean, we all know what it is that actually goes on since it is an, shall we call it inevitable, part of our everyday lives. Suddenly it is to be described objectively in a biology text book that has to have some kind of formal element to it. How childish it may be, it makes me laugh. And whatever makes me laugh at the moment is to be cherished since the exams are getting at me. Running towards me with no intention what so ever to stop or haste.
There are also some interesting phrases in the chapter about reproduction. I will provide you, dear reader with some examples:
“If a couple wants to have a child, they have sexual intercourse without using any method of contraception. The biological term for sexual intercourse is copulation. During copulation, semen is ejected into the vagina”

The absurdity level rises.
The thing is that these things are not really that embarrassing if one thinks about it but biology books and biology teachers have a tendency to make it so embarrassing.
I think we should all spend some time thinking about my biology teacher in year 9 who thought the subject was so embarrassing that when the sex ed lessons came, she reported herself as absent and the poor substitute teacher had to go through it with us. And she had kids – she has performed the act itself – which was more than most of us in the class at that point.

I apologize for this post and promise that the next one will have a slightly higher level of humour.

Philosophy Aug 2012 – Apr 2014

Image Last Friday I had my very last philosophy lesson. It feels odd. For two years now I have been doing philosophy three times a week with a wonderful teacher and a wonderful class. Now it just stops? This course has taught me more than any of the others. Changed me more than any of the others. It has been more than any of the others. ImageWe started with Plato, with the basics. With The Cave Allegory and The Tripartite Soul. We continued with Freud looking at his ideas from a philosophical view point. We have done Descartes, Spinoza, Daniel Dennet, John Searle, and philosophy of mind. ImageWe did with political philosophy. Ideas of Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill, Hobbes, Grotius, Locke, Rousseau, and Hume have been discussed and debated. Anarchism and feminism have been examined. The problems of Justice and Equality have been looked at through the eyes of John Rawls, Ronald Dworkin, Friedrich von Hayek, and Robert Nozick. Democracy as a method for ruling a country. Image The Existentialists came in the autumn: Kirkegaard, Sartre, Nietzsche and Schopenhauer. Kant came along. Aesthetics and philosophy of art proved to be very interesting. Last but not least we have spent numerous hours thinking about what philosophy actually is. Philosophising about philosophy itself.


And now it is all over. I will definitely continue on my own; this is not anything one can get out of once it has begun. But I have really enjoyed it. It has challenged me, it has upset me, it has occasionally bored me on the late Monday afternoons where energy completely had vanished. I believe philosophy to be the subject which will benefit me most in the future – not only on the intellectual plane but also on the personal. I now, at least to some extent, am familiar with how to question things, with logic and with how to take on problems. I have realised that philosophy is immensely useful and needed. (I might even have been brainwashed.)  So thank you, philosophy, for what you have provided me with. 

First Kiss

The most heart-warming heart-breaking video online.