Month: May, 2014

Size Matters

The world is a rather big place. So is our galaxy and the universe in which we live. Never ending I have heard. 
The internet too is rather large. There is an almost infinite number of pictures, words, videos, homepages, and functions existing out there. In one sense though, the internet is small. I have read somewhere that all the information on the internet has about the physical size of a strawberry. There is another way in which the internet is small, or rather makes something small. 
The internet makes the world a smaller place. 

The other day I commented on an Instagram picture from an America-based illustrator/artist and she answered. I commented on one of Sweden’s most famous blogger’s post and thereby made it possible for her to see what I think. I can reach out to people I have never met and will probably never meet. And it is as simple, if not simpler, than just walking down the street and meeting someone in person. The internet makes the same ideas travel around to all the world’s countries (with some exceptions). It makes people travel around the world. How simple was it not for me to apply to British Universities? How easy is it not to check out all the different places one can possibly visit before one actually goes there? If it is good or if it is bad, I do not know? What do you think? e


The Blooming Bloggers

Have you ever encountered the blooming bloggers? I call them that because they all are the same and they are all so … flowery. They all write about the same things and they all take the same photographs. Top ten in the blooming blogger’s archive we have:

1. The photo of a pair of legs on flowery bed covers
2. A terrestial globe or a little lamp looking like a bunny
3. Cups of tea with Moomin on them
4. Any chapter in a Harry Potter book in Swedish translation where the pages have stars on them or any book that everyone else is reading at the moment
5. A flowery dress on a hanger hanging in the window
6. A #selfie where head is tilted slightly to one side, the gaze is directed downwards and there is cat-winged eyeliner one the eyelids
7. Food (preferably avocado)
8. Cherry blossoms
9. Second hand clothing
10. A hand holding something, just anything. Preferably not something considered “ugly”, but a flower or a candle or a light, or a small sweet will do. 

They are the group that all feel so unique but all do the same things. They all write the same (semi-poetic), and read the same books, and listen to the same music. Basically, they are all the same person. There is simply no signs of personality in them. I find them rather … dull. There is nothing interesting in there. There is no individuality. 
They don’t dare to like anything unless others have already liked it. They are all feminists and not because they have actually questioned on what grounds one should be a feminist but because it is ‘generally considered’ a good thing. They all want to vote for the left party in Sweden, not because they have actually questioned why but because other blooming bloggers blog about the same things and think that just because you are a feminist you are leftist. There is a sort of quiet acceptance of what one should do or be. Never, ever questioning it. I prepare to disagree! 

(this post is not meant to be mean to the blooming bloggers but to encourage them to maybe just be a little more individual. Why? I can justify this on the grounds of John Stuart Mill some time next week)

Have a nice, and hopefully sunny day! That is if you like sun of course. If you don’t like sun I hope your day will be un-sunny and as you like it. 

ImageThis is what it could look like. A little flowers, an old camera. 
(I admit this is my own picture but, well, no one can be perfect.)

Absentmindedness & Tea Mugs

My room is filled with abandoned tea mugs. Some are empty with dried tea circles in the bottom and some still have a little inch of old grey tea left. They’re placed in the most odd of places. One stands in the window. One on the floor next to my settee, one is by some odd reason placed in the bottom of my bookshelf. Two are on my table which is crammed with papers, books, notes, calculators, pens, pencils, a plate, my make-up, a hairbrush and some clean socks. 
ImageImageImage“Why?”, one might wonder. The simple explanation is that I have my final exams beginning tomorrow and absentmindedness is my new thing. What I do good. I walk in to everything (and keep in mind that this comes from a person who usually walks into things but it has become more intense lately). Yesterday I walked straight into our bookshelf. A few days before that I was heading out the door but somehow forgot to open it so I walked straight into that as well. Head first. 

We have a rule in our family that if you have used any of the cooking material or plates you should rinse and put it in the dishwasher. I usually do this but the other day I didn’t. Instead I placed it in the sink and walked away. When I got back I thought to myself: “Who is this person that just leaves things in the sink? I am not going to pick it up. I will not to washing for other people”. Later we discovered that it was actually me who had put it there. 

These are just some examples of my current absentmindedness. I really hope that I manage to stay sharp during the tests. Hehe. 


About Choices and Feelings

In need of writing. 
“I cannot decide if I want to fast forward two months until finals or over or if I want to rewind to get more time to revise.” This, a friend said to me the other day. And I feel her. Oh, yes I do. 
Every little thing just happens so fast. A quick swish and it is gone. A quick swish and my hair is suddenly 10 inches longer. 
I have had my very last lesson in the IB. How odd is that? It feels like just recently that I first walked through the oak doors (not real oak but fake) for the very first time and first got to know my wonderful classmates. It feels like I just got my textbooks and bags of literature and now I am about to hand it all back. It feels like I just finished writing my first IB essay and now my final, final, finals begin on Monday. I repeat: this is odd. 

In about two weeks time my exams will be over and I will be … free. Yes, free. From homework, school, lessons. I can, theoretically, spend the rest of my days doing what I want to do. At the moment this thought scares me more than it motivates me. I am free! 
All these choices that I have to make about life scares me. I have to decide what university I want to go to. Because here I sit with five conditional offers and three universities and a deadline next Wednesday. As I tend to sometimes make things a little too dramatic I now see it as my entire future resting in the click of a computer mouse. Yes, I want you uni and not yours. That is if I get good grades enough will say. That I do seems plausible but that I don’t do too so I don’t really know what to do. 
I suppose that either way it will sort itself out somehow. Man can get used to anything – the scoundrel. 

I don’t really think that I have yet grasped that me getting accepted to my university applications would mean a move to a completely different country. From rather unpopulated Sweden to England – a land of many people. That it means I have to get by all by myself somewhere where I have never lived before. Somewhere where I do speak the language but am slightly unaware of subtle, social details. And that not understanding those subtle, social details most probably will make me look stupid. 

I sit here on my hard settee in my room, my room for how much longer I wonder, and I have to make a decision. Would I rather study here or there? At that uni or at that? Heeeeeelp meeeee, pleeeeeaaaaaseeee!
But after all, I know that the choice is entirely up to me. A small plan is beginning to form inside me. If I do this and then I do that? would that work. I do hope so. I really, really hope so.

Choices, choices, choices.