Month: August, 2014

Nils Dardel




On the upcoming election




IMG_7238_editedFredrik Reinfeldt – Prime minister of Sweden.

 On September 14 it is time for the election to parliament here in Sweden. The evidences of it getting closer are everywhere. On the radio, on television, out on the streets, on the internet and in the newspapers. Most probably there will be a change in government. The socialist government backed up by the leftist party and the environmental party are likely to once again rule this country. For the better or for the worse, I cannot say. I find politics very interesting since it involves all of us to a high degree but after I studied political philosophy as an option within the IB everything about it is just so confusing. To whatever you might say there is always a counterargument. I have been told previously that I am a left-liberal but I am unsure of whether any of the parties in Sweden correspond to what I think.  Anyhow I am not allowed to vote yet since MY BIRTHDAY IS ONE MONTH TOO LATE (and yes this annoys me). What I really do not want is the Swedish Democrats, who hold some underlying hidden racist views and other generally odd ideas, to gain more power in this society than they already have.

Perspectives, portable tea and lipstick stains

IMG_7217_editedLast Thursday I decided to take the train and visit my dad. 

IMG_7217_editedI really like all the electricity wires that hang above the tracks. IMG_7220_edited IMG_7218_edited IMG_7222_editedIMG_7230_editedI bought a cup of tea in the station shop and prepared it out on the platform. The train was fourteen minutes late. As always.

IMG_7232_edited My lipstick left stains on the white plastic lid. 



My Inner Hermione Granger

IMG_7210_editedSince I am off to uni in just 33 (!?) days I have allowed my inner Hermione Granger to come out and say hello. This means I have started to read the course literature and am having a go at that interesting list of books one is “suggested” to read before arriving. I just can’t stand the thought of coming there not knowing something that someone else knows.


Feeling sophisticated since the coffee is black but less so because of the plaster on my finger

IMG_7206_edited IMG_7207_edited

Parallel lives

In the building opposite my kitchen window there is an office.

IMG_7201_editedWhenever I pass by that window I make sure to have a little look at them. 

IMG_7199_editedToday I saw a lady talking on her phone, looking at the street below. 

IMG_7191_editedAnd as I prepared my lunch a lady across the street was waiting for hers to finish heating up in the microwave.
I like the parallelity of our daily lives.  

“It’s changing out there. Just like last time. There’s a storm coming, Harry. And we all best be ready when she does.”


Maybe I want to cut my hair or by a new lipstick or finally master that cat winged eyeliner. Maybe I should tidy out my room and by a new set of curtains. Maybe I should, once and for all, decide which hobby I really want to focus on and become really really good at it. I want change, I need change. 

I am making change happen. 



IMG_7159_editedSunglasses so dark I can hardly see anything but most importantly no one can see me. 

I don’t think that I could ever stand living in a town without a proper park

IMG_7036_edited IMG_7037_edited IMG_7040_edited IMG_7047_edited IMG_7053_edited

This is where I’m going, count me in!

IMG_4562_edited IMG_4581_edited