Pores and pimples – there’s no such thing as perfection

by Rebecca

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I have ugly days and pretty days. Moments where I feel glorious and other times when I just want to hide and let no one see me. Some days I wear a lot of make-up, others just a little. Rarely I wear none.

The things is though, that no matter how I feel about my own looks, I probably look pretty much the same to other people. My ugly days and pretty days are all in my own head and not in others’. They can think that “Oh, that’s what Rebecca looks like with eye-liner” or “Hm, she’s not wearing make-up today” but their view of what I look like probably doesn’t change when mine does.

After all, I am the one who have never actually seen myself properly – I know least what I actually look like. Photos, mirrors and reflections are all representations and the 3D me is only ever seen by others. Therefore, I am, most certainly, the worst at commenting on what I look like. And anyhow, I don’t believe that there’s such a thing as perfection.