Month: August, 2015

Uppsala, coffee and a long gone friend

IMG_9472_edited IMG_9475_edited IMG_9482_edited IMG_9488_edited IMG_9489_edited Or, technically, I am the long gone friend because I am the one who moved. However, it was nice seeing you the other day back at my favourite café. Now you have moved down south and I am due to leave soon but it was nice seeing you the other day. Love you xxx



96 days since I unofficially got my summer holiday, i.e. the day when I had my last exam and entered the life of … no structure whatsoever.

62 days since I officially got my summer holiday, i.e. the day I left the love-hate corridor with its white brick walls, green carpet and smell of damp England-ness.

My term starts again in another 38 days and I am wondering what I’ve actually done this summer apart from worrying about the approaching autumn. I made a little list in my notebook of what I’ve done.

  • Binge-watched Twin Peaks – nothing makes me crave coffee and doughnuts more.
  • Played unhealthy amounts of table tennis in our living room.
  • Had my bf over for three weeks and those three weeks I felt absolutely calm since I didn’t really have to miss anyone since everyone I love for once was in the same place.
  • Started reading course literature and actually read books I like and want to read.
  • Freaked out about student finance related stuff about three times every week.
  • Still not managed to see one of my best friends of all time (but I’m seeing her tomorrow which will be *fab*)
  • PMS:d. Heavily.

Summer time – and the living is easy

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Airport Adieu

It has never been this hard to say goodbye. Not to you, not to anyone. Never have I felt such a panic within to not let you go. We hug. I am crying but really trying not to. We let go and you lean in for a kiss. That last kiss. When you look into my eyes it looks like you’re about to cry too. I feel your fingertips slip away from mine as I walk back towards the trains and you towards the security check. I sob quietly all the way through the airport. I send you a text asking you to text me when you land. Then I go back home and it is empty and weird without you and the thought that we won’t see each other at all for more than a month is still painful enough to make my eyes water. Oh, baby, I miss you.

When you land you text me and say “I can’t believe I almost started crying when you left” and then “I’ve had 3 of the best weeks in my life and I’m not even joking”.

When I lie in bed at night I curse the fact that we live in different countries and that it’s either very on or very off. Either we spend 24 hours a day together for three weeks or we won’t see each other at all for five. Sometimes I just wish for a little more balance.