by Rebecca

I look back at my blog archive from 2014 and I think it is beautiful. It tells a story of my life in a documentary way with short glances and I share a lot of my thoughts. I want to get back to that. I want to get back to the small black and white photographs from my little everyday life and my way of expressing myself but it all stopped some time in 2015. Partly because university made me very busy but also because I think that I might not have been that stable emotionally and, as I have said before, moments like that either make me write excessively or not at all. It made me write not at all and that is still the case. Partly, it is also down to that I mostly write when I am alone and I spend less time alone these days because I have someone to share my days with. And I have other things to think about which means that I have to move on in life and thought rather than reflect on what I feel and what goes on. But I want to get back to that because writing is what I enjoy. I will get back to that, maybe not straight away but at some point. After all, this year I will finish my bachelor of arts and be more free than I have ever been. Hopefully then I’ll find the time. I’ll make the time.