Living on the edge

by Rebecca

I’m on the bus to uni and my eyes are swollen and my head hurts a bit because I cried myself to sleep last night thinking that my computer was completely destroyed.

That thing that can’t happen this close to a deadline happened and I knocked my cup of tea over and the red-brown rosebush liquid seeped in to the keyboard and the touch pad. I moved with immaculate speed and wiped as much of it as I could up with the flowery tissues that were lying on the side of my desk and exhaled because it seemed like I got most of the liquid. I continued reading the play I was reading when it all happened. I got through Act 3, Scene 2 and Act 3, Scene 3 but when I was on the Afterword the screen went black and the computer wouldn’t turn either off or on. That’s when I panicked. I ran to the kitchen and got the bag of rice which I poured into a plastic bag and put the computer in it. I’ve heard rice is good for phones that have been in water as it absorbs the wet but I had no idea if it works for computers as well. The site I googled in panicked said “keep it warm” and “keep it dry” so I took the heater and placed it next to the rice-computer plastic bag and let it stand there for the rest of the time I was awake. Then I cried. It just felt so hopeless. I can’t buy a new computer. How could I be so stupid to place the mug of tea so that it could spill on the keyboard? Why am I losing control over everything at the moment? Why do I even bother trying when everything is obviously against me? How I am going to write the essay that’s due in 9 days if I don’t have anything to write it on? The kind of thoughts you have late at night when you are stressed and something which is not allowed to happen happens.  Then I brushed my teeth and went to bed with a snotty blocked nose feeling lonely and thinking that if I cry this much when my computer might have crashed how would I ever be able to deal with a breakup? The kind of thought that you shouldn’t think when you’re already upset. When I woke up I took the computer from the bag of rice and the pieces rained down on my bed covers. Carefully I saw the computer turn on, the circle began moving, the computer was processing. I managed to log in. My files were still there and everything seemed to be the same as it was before it happened. Everything seemed to be working apart from the touch pad which I could live with since I have an external mouse anyway. Before I left home I made sure to make a backup of all my important files and then put the computer back in the rice bag to recover while I went to uni.

I get to uni and go straight to the library where I find the books that I could also read online but I need them as physical copies in case my computer would decide to crash completely when I get home again.