Since the last time

Let’s just make a short little summary of what has happened since last time I wrote something here:

  • finished university – exams and essays and academic pressure is a thing in the past and I can happily say that I will be graduating with a 2.1 from one of the UK’s best universities
  • moved to London – me, my books and my tins of loose teas have been picked up in Leamington by my boyfriend’s dad and we now live in London’s northern parts
  • spent a little too much money on alcohol – but on the other hand if there’s ever a time when it is ok for me to go out 3 nights in a row it is now, right? I need to celebrate my exams, ok? Good.
  • watched (and not watched) Orange is the New Black – I was looking forward to the new seasons A LOT but this season just gets to me a lot more in that completely innocent people end up in great trouble and at time I just can’t watch it. I feel too much for these characters that I’ve been following
  • had an iron deficiency – and I will say that this is NOT because I am vegan, by which I mean that it is not a flaw within the concept of a vegan diet itself, but because I haven’t been eating what I should have been eating during the revision and exam period (beans, lentils, cooked green veg etc.)
  • stopped reading and then started again – but with the small difference that this time I can read whatever I want rather than what is on the reading list this week

And also lot’s of other stuff that but we can take that at some other point. Oh well.

Talk to you later xxx